Friday, May 31, 2013

Just got back from a birth yesterday...

A client I had, had her baby early yesterday morning. It was a very hard induction, lots and lots of massage and the tennis ball technique and words of encouragement. After 11 and a half hours of pitocin-induced labor she got her epidural. She unfortunately stopped progressing and, 18 hours from the start of labor, she was prepped for her C-section. 30 minutes later she returned with the most precious, teeny tiny little boy! I was so grateful to be part of this experience, and so happy to have been able to help her through so much. As she got settled in, they handed her her little boy, and, sitting quietly in a chair in the corner of the room, I got to watch a new mother’s first precious moments with her baby. You could see the awe, the joy and the pride in her eyes as she met her baby for the first time, and in that moment I remembered exactly why I do this. It’s hard work, it’s lack of sleep, it’s a lot of patience, but it is hands down the most beautiful thing you will ever witness. It only happens once, the first meeting between mother and child, and to be privileged enough to be able to see that first hand is truly a blessing. I was away from my son for over 24 hours, and I missed him so much, but it was worth it. After witnessing such beautiful moments, I got to return to my own first love, and remember what it was like meeting him for the first time. The world stops, everything is quiet, nothing in the universe matters except for that little 6 or 7 pound baby in your arms. The look in your baby’s eyes as he’s drinking in the world around him, the feeling that washes over you as you realize that you created this little bundle of absolute perfection.
She did not get the birth she wanted. She wanted to avoid a C-section. But everything was okay when they put her baby in her arms. I imagine it was much the same for her, when she held him. It didn’t matter anymore how they got here, what led them here. What mattered was that now they were here, together. And when he latched on, you could see the pride in her eyes. She may not have birthed him the way she planned, but she was content in the fact that she was able to feed him what she felt was best, and she’s now able to have that experience with him for as long as they choose.
You never forget the love and the pride in a mother’s eyes when she holds and meets her baby for the first time. That’s what makes this “job” - and I use the term loosely, because I love it far too much to call it just a job - worth it. That is what makes me want to advance further and one day become a midwife. You don’t know true love and beauty until you witness life’s greatest miracle. <3

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