Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I love being a SAHM.

I just want to take some time to make it known how much I appreciate being able to be a stay at home mom. I can't picture any job more rewarding than this, to stay home with my kids all day.
I'm so lucky and so grateful to have my father, who wants to provide for us and who wants the best for us. Thanks to him I get to live my dream - I get to be a stay at home mom, who's also a birth doula, and who has the opportunity to go through with schooling for midwifery.
Tonight, and every night, I get to sit with my son while he falls asleep. I can make sure he feels safe, secure, and comfortable while he's falling asleep. He knows I'm right here and that I'll keep him safe, and he knows he's never alone, because I don't need to be asleep at a certain time to get up for work. He IS my "work".
I love having the free time to sit down with him and do arts and crafts. I love being able to be the one who teaches him to draw his letters and numbers and circles and "planes". I love being the one who teaches him his ABCs and how to count, I love being able to teach him sign language and Italian and the sounds of the animals. I love showing him new music and dances and teaching him new things.
I love being able to breastfeed without worries, because with Noah I had a lot of trouble pumping, and just never pumped because the thought alone was anxiety provoking. He'd have expressed milk maybe once every two or three months, the rest of the time I was there to nurse him.
I love not having to leave him for eight hours a day while I paid someone else to take care of him while I work. I did that for about a year, and every day that goes by that he falls asleep in my arms or in his bed while I sit in our rocking chair singing or reading to him is another day that I am eternally grateful to be able to do this.
It can get stressful. It can be demanding. It can be chaotic. To say that it's always rainbows and butterflies would be as believable as telling you guys that I have a leprechaun on my shoulder that commands dragons and poops gold. However, no matter how trying it can be, it is always, always worth it. I would never trade it for anything.
This kid is my everything. He's nearly three and I only worked outside of the home for 1/3 of his life, only for a year, and I still can't believe how big he is, how old he's getting. When you're a stay at home mom for the majority of your kid's life, how does the time pass by so fast? How can it feel like I brought him home yesterday when I've been here every single day? 
I can't wait to welcome Sparrow to the family and spend every single day with both of my littles. Only fourteen short days until he's "due" to arrive earthbound, but I think he might be here a little earlier than that. But who knows? Only time will tell. :)

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