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This is us. Our crazy, somewhat dysfunctional, very strange, happy, beautiful family. We like babywearing. We co-sleep, we don't do RIC, we don't do CIO. We like cloth diapers and we exclusively breast feed, we practice extended rear facing. If you have questions about any of these feel free to comment or message, or e-mail at birthingpeacefully@gmail.com :)

Noah Andrew is my Bugman. Right now his other names include (but aren't limited to) Nober, Uncle Jim, Honey, Space Chicken, Odin, and Parker. His favorite book is Zack's Alligator. He's currently interested in placentas, umbilical cords, scabs, dinosaurs, and doggy-bears (that's what he calls deer). Oh, and the Nintendo 64, he's loving that! He runs down the driveway every day singing the mail song from Blue's Clues when the mail woman comes to deliver the mail. He's super rad. I'm a proud mama.
His birth story is here.
Gage Orion is my little chunky monkey. His most used nicknames are Gagey Baby, Squoosh Beans, and Munchkin Butt. He loves playing tag and trying to eat rocks. He scouts out the little white flowers in the lawn and runs to them as fast as he can so he can eat them. He loves his rocking cow and loves watching Masha & the Bear. He's pretty rad, too.
His birth story is here.
Sam is my twin flame. He makes sure everything is equal- parenting, cleaning, etc. For the first time since becoming a parent, I haven't had to do everything on my own. He asked me to marry him a few months ago, and we plan to get married in summer 2018. I can't wait!
I'm a birth doula certified through Childbirth International. I love my "job" so much that it doesn't feel right to call it a job. I am fascinated by all things pregnancy, labor, birth, and breastfeeding related and I am ALWAYS trying to learn more. My current plan is to continue schooling and earn my Lactation Consultant certification, and to ultimately become a midwife.
So there you have it, this is us, and this blog is about parenthood, pregnancy, the births I attend and our crazy, chaotic, messy, loving and beautiful life and journey together. Enjoy!

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