Saturday, October 5, 2013

Birth Bag

*at home!*

I had contractions for three straight hours last night. Yep. That was fun!
Anyway, it got me thinking that it might be nice to make a post about what's in my birth bag. For me, not for my clients. Keep in mind, I'm having a home birth, so it's a bit different from a hospital bag!

Must Haves:

1. Black garbage bags.
You know, for getting rid of tissues and other bloody things, like paper towels and whatnot.
2. Gallon-size zip-loc bags.
For putting the placenta in to transport home, where I've decided to encapsulate it myself.
3. Arnica.
For bruising and muscle soreness.
4. Tylenol and Motrin.
For post-partum cramping.
5. Three large bowls that can be thrown out.
One is for the placenta, one is for puking, and one for warm compresses.
6. Honey.
For energy during labor if I don't feel like eating.
7. Two sets of sheets.
One will get bloody. I'll want clean ones afterward.
8. Plastic mattress cover.
For obvious reasons. Don't want a bloody, placenta-y, amniotic fluid filled mattress haha!
9. Six receiving blankets and six washcloths.
For the baby and for my face, respectively.
10. One unopened roll of soft paper towels.
These will be on my vagina at some point.
11. Four bottles of Gatorade, Smart Water or juice.
It'll probably be Gatorade, gotta replenish those electrolytes and whatnot!
12. Clothes and diapers for me and Sparrow (& Bug & Curtis!)
I hope that's self explanatory guys!
13. Sanitary pads.
To catch my uterus while it's fallin' out and junk.
14. Thermometer.
In case we need it.
15. Two bottles of peroxide.
To get blood out of stuff, like the carpet.
16. Laundry basket.
I'm actually not entirely sure what purpose this is meant to serve, but it's what I'm taking everything in.

Nice To Haves:

*Hair ties
*My pillow
*My blanket
*Hair stuff
*Nursing bras
*Camera & cord
*Laptop & cord

To Entertain The Little:

*Bear & Monkey
*Craft stuff
*School work (no, really, he loves this stuff!)

And that's about what I'll be bringing with me to Vermont. The must-haves, nice-to-haves, and entertainment for the midget!

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