Monday, October 21, 2013

Things I forgot about babies...

^The rearfacing duo!^

Having a self-proclaimed "big kid", I forgot a LOT about babies. I mean really, a lot.

*They spit up sometimes. Thanks to being exclusively breastfed, it smells like nothing.
*They actually really are content to lie around and take in the world around them.
*They don't eat real food. I remember this obviously, but I feel guilty when we eat out & I don't get Dragon anything. Is that weird?
*They need to be burped! I didn't burp him the first two days. At all. Thankfully I remembered.
*They poop as soon as you put a new diaper on. Take that, mom!
*I need to change diapers again. At least I got a few blissful months without that!
*Umbilical cord stumps smell bad, and gross me out to no end. Yet I still save them... hm.
*They hate being bathed.
*They go through lots of outfits.
*My boobs are more than just natural, human bottles... they're natural, human pacifiers. Damn.
*It HURTS when your milk "comes in". Okay, that's something I forgot about me, not babies.
*They don't feel heavy until you've been holding them for an hour straight.
*They don't really care for being strapped into the car seat.
*They don't sleep through the night.
*They will sleep through the day to make up for that. Y'know, when you can't sleep.
*They're harder than toddlers, plain and simple.

Yep. I guess I may have been spoiled by having a big boy toddler. I could barely stay awake to do schoolwork with him tonight - though, if I can brag a little - he's doing kindergarten level work. He makes his mama proud! It's all worth it though. I love this little dragon baby. We all do! Even through sleepless nights and what feels like sometimes constant nursing, and tons of poopy diapers and 5 or 6 days of umbilical cord stink, we love this little guy. He fits right into our family (and why wouldn't he?). I'm so glad we have him, despite him being unplanned. He's our awesome little surprise! :)

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