Saturday, November 30, 2013

Tis the season...

Bugman and the Dragon aren't getting a ton of stuff for Christmas this year.
No, it's not due to finances. It's not because the did or didn't make Santa's "nice" list. It's not a punishment.
It's about the meaning of the holiday season. That isn't gifts and food and toys, it's about spending time with family, it's about being kind and appreciative and giving (just like the rest of the year should be).
We don't want to spoil our kids.
So, what's on the list this year?
We'll be spending $20-30 on books, so we can spend time together, reading and learning. It's also got the added bonus of being a present you can open again and again.
We're buying Bug a play kitchen with food, because he loves to cook and he's wanted one for a year. He's definitely earned it!
We're getting Dragon two brand new cloth diapers, as he's too little to really want anything and that's all he really needs right now.
We're getting Bug a bunch of arts and crafts supplies because he loves to make things. Some for us, some for himself, some for aunts and uncles and grandparents and friends.
We're getting Dragon some wooden toys because they're great for development and some can even be customizable!
And lastly we'll get some stocking stuffers - candies, coins for their piggie banks, hot cocoa, candy canes.

But our Christmas doesn't end there. We really want to instill the spirit of giving in our children, and we took a couple of ideas from this blog.
I particularly like the drive thru idea, to pay for the person behind you in line. I also like the coin drop one, but to avoid a potential choking hazard with smaller children I've been thinking of just letting Bug hand them to kids at the playground. If we have the extra cash, I'd also like to get a few $5-$10 gift cards and drop them anonymously in mailboxes, along with a note explaining that yes, the card is for them, how much is on it, and happy holidays.

Bug is also super excited about the gluten free, dairy free hot cocoa mix that we're making and giving to close family and friends - even though I think he's pretty excited to have some himself as well. Hey, so am I!

We're already in the Christmas spirit here, are you? What are you plans for this holiday season? :)


  1. Those sound like wonderful ideas! My family and I are going Yule log hunting in the park then decorating it. I am due on Christmas eve so we can't really do much.

    1. How exciting - it's almost baby time for you! That sounds fun :)