Monday, December 30, 2013

Battlegrounds, Christmas & Teething Necklaces (or, what I've been up to for the last month)

I may or may not have been neglecting my blog because life has been full of diapers and washing diapers and nursing and snuggles and nature walks and snowmen and gift buying and present wrapping and present opening and tree burning (outside, of course, and in a fire pit). Also filled with breakfast making and dinner eating and infected wisdom teeth (mine, what hell that's been...). I've perfected my homemade organic ultra moisturizing body scrub, which is only 3-4 ingredients depending on the scent. I also made a pretty stellar night-time relaxing oil for Bugman that we also use when he gets overstimulated during the day.
I learned that white vanilla frosting has red dye #40 and yellow dye #6 the hard way - via my suddenly mean, hand happy child, shortly after consuming said frosting. Checked the ingredients, and sure enough, those evil dyes were right there. Why do you need colored dyes in WHITE frosting? Weird.
So, I mean, I'm sure I could have found time to blog... but my free time, aside from the above mentioned activities, may or may not have been spent leveling and doing battlegrounds with my brother on WoW. Well, you can't introduce someone to the dark side and then not accompany them on their journey, right?

Chunk got his Inspired by Finn baltic amber teething necklace about a week ago, and the difference has been monumental. Any doubt I had in these necklaces is long gone! He's been teething since he was 6 weeks old, got the necklace around 11 weeks old, and has not been fussy since! Unfortunately though, no tooth has poked through just yet. Even his dad, who doubted them and thought they wouldn't work, noticed the difference. I definitely recommend them to anyone with babies! Raw amber works better than polished, and lighter colored amber works better than dark. Make sure you order from a reputable shop though, such as Inspired by Finn or Hazelaid to avoid buying a fake!
(Unfortunately I'm not getting paid for this recommendation - boo!)
We're using mainly Alvas for cloth diapering, with a few Baby City and KerrBear Kids diapers thrown into the mix. I love pocket diapers. They don't leak and he's a pretty heavy wetter, but we use Econobums prefolds and covers overnight and they'll hold a solid 10 hours (not that I recommend waiting that long!)
He's outgrown the NB and is in One-Size now. He's 10 weeks old and he weighs 12lbs6oz already! He smiles and giggles now and he loves to babble. He's also a major snuggle butt and falls asleep to Safe by Taylor Swift & the Civil Wars, and to You're Gonna Be by Reba McEntire.
He's super rad.

Noah had a great Christmas, and despite my last entry, we actually ended up getting them tons of presents. Books and dinosaurs and trains and swords and a brand new baby doll, among many things! And that super nifty blue hoodie he's got on. The orange tablet and tracks are both gifts from grandma and papa.
He also got a super nifty haircut:

He gets his hair cut by this awesome guy named Boris in Wappingers Falls, NY. He will not let any other barber near his hair. He adores him! He's having a blast being in NY again and he was so happy with his Christmas, I wish I could show you all, but I was so wrapped up in it all that I didn't get a great deal of pictures.
Oh, and today he learned how to give people the finger. Only he doesn't see it as "fuck you", but rather the number one. So you can picture my face when he walks up to me today and says, "mommy, can I have ONE piece of candy?" whilst flipping me the bird. Perfect.
Motherhood is a funny thing, I'll tell ya. And it's great and wonderful and amazing and sometimes I think I'm learning more than they are.

Happy holidays!

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