Friday, June 27, 2014

Pool day with the tiny spawns

I may start queuing blog entries if I can figure out how, because I don't have time every week to blog, but when I do blog, I usually have time for a few. If anyone knows how to do this - let me know!
*Side Note: I'm fully aware that my breasts are lopsided.
Breastfeeding problems, man.
Worth it, though.

Today, the munchkin kids and I went to our friend's pool. She has a farm and they were happy to see the animals as well! They both loved the goats and the turkey and the ducks. Noah loved the roosters, but Gage stared the bigger rooster down until it crowed and then made his boo-boo-lip face and started tearing up. He doesn't like not winning a staring contest! The pool was a little bit chilly, but easy to get used to quickly and Gage loved it. Noah, on the other hand... well, he's still very sensitive and does not like being pushed into things. So in hindsight, carrying him into the pool with me to "just dip your feet in because you might like it!" wasn't the best idea. He didn't want to go in after that. So he played around the pool, in his very spiffy life vest, of course. 
That's sun block smeared all over his face in the picture. He's my little pale one, the Irish, German and Polish seem to be very dominant over the Italian and Native American in him. Seriously, you would never know he was either of those by looking at him! He's wearing his new life vest that his papa bought him. This one has a piece behind his head to keep his head out of the water if he's on his back. It's pretty nifty, I like it, and he seems to like it well enough.

We're still using that amazing sun block I blogged about last summer, the Purple Prairie SunStuff. You can get it here. The smaller one has lasted us since last summer! That said, when it runs out we will be making our own. That post will come in time! But this stuff has a 1 rating on the EWG website (0 being the best, and 10 being the worst) and is 30SPF.
Don't order from Amazon because they charge you $25 +tax even though on the Purple Prairie site the larger one is only $20 +tax and ships faster than Amazon does haha. I have no idea if it's sold in stores... I order a lot of our stuff online because the stores around us never seem to have the cool stuff I'm looking for.

I made this for Tiny Buddha earlier today. He's now the coolest eight month old on the block, with the coolest sippy cup on the block. My down time is more productive than I really get credit for. Anyway, Gage loves it.
Before all the "But it's glass! A baby can not use a glass sippy!" happens, let me explain.
We have plenty of these jars around the house. They're canning jars, meant to withstand very high temperatures and pressure from, well, jarring/canning hot things. Like our homemade sauce. The glass is very thick, and trust me, they fall on our tile floor in our kitchen all the time. The taller, thinner Ball brand break more easily, which is why I chose this jar instead.
It doesn't leak and he doesn't normally just crawl around and play with it, it's really only for when I'm on a birth and he needs to eat because we still breastfeed (and will be for a few years!). When he has breastmilk from a sippy, 95% of the time he is being held in daddy's arms, or whatever relative is babysitting while we work.
I've heard that those foam insulating sleeves add an incredible layer of protection as well, if you're really worried about it.
Anyway, we love it, and so does Tiny Buddha. The rest of us tend to drink from Mason jars instead of cups as well.

☮ Peace & love ☮

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