Thursday, July 17, 2014


So first things first! Noah is now forward facing. He's maxed the height limit on his Safety First Guide 65 (40") so we had to turn him forward. I'm happy we made it rear facing to 3.5yrs! So, being the crazy car seat lady that I am, I'd like to point a few things out here. Notice the position of the chest clip. It is VERY important to keep it at armpit level. If placed over a baby or child's belly, it can cause internal bleeding; and it's meant to position the harness properly on the shoulders. If it's too low it could cause the baby to be ejected from the seat in a collision. The straps are snug - not tight enough to hurt but not loose. You can't see it in the picture, but a forward facing seat needs to be top tethered as well. As you'll notice, there are no after market products on my seat (attachable toys, seat covers, strap covers, etc.). These affect the harness placement and compromise the safety of the seat as well as voiding your warranty. If you have any car seat questions don't hesitate to ask! 
If you have a Facebook account, this is a wonderful group for car seat help that's full of CPST's and friendly members. Click here to see it!

And of course, Tiny Buddha is still breastfeeding. Nine months strong with no end in sight! Look at those beautiful eyes! He loves his boobies and still signs "milk" when he's hungry. Breastfeeding is the most beautiful bond and I cherish every nursing session, knowing that one day he'll be too old to want to nurse and after that too old to want to snuggle and get hugs and kisses when his friends are near.

Tiny Buddha took his first steps last month and is only getting better at walking. He's nine months old now!
He loves standing up by himself and when he does, he gets the biggest smile on his face. He's so proud of himself! We're very proud, too. I can't believe he's starting to walk so soon. It's so weird to see such a little person trying to walk around, especially since Noah didn't walk until he was 15 months old. Babies are so, so different! 

Noah's a master chef now. He can cook macaroni and cheese, spaghetti, soups and rice all by himself now! With supervision, of course. The only things he can't do are turn the stove on and off or strain the noodles. He even scoops the finished food onto plates and into bowls! He loves his independence.
Speaking of the BugMan, we have a new method of "punishment" that isn't quite punishment. When he's too worked up and frustrated, he takes a "chill break" - it's like a time out without the attached negative implications. He doesn't go because he's in trouble, but because he needs a break to chill out and relax - hence "chill break". He takes a bottle of water, glitter, and glitter body soap and shakes it up and watches the glitter float down while he relaxes. It works far better than everything else we've tried, and it shows him that there are better ways to deal with his frustration.

Sorry for the short post, but the kids need me. Gage wants a snack and Noah wants to play with his Yo! Gabba Gabba! dolls. :)

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