Saturday, February 4, 2017

After 2 years of neglecting this blog...

We have some news!

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And I'm already 37w3d:

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And I've been experiencing prodromal labor for 2+ weeks now, which is rad. And by rad, I mean frustrating and exhausting.

It's another boy...

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And like Gage, his name is a secret! Shh! We're calling him Ember for now.

This pregnancy has been the most taxing, by far. With SPD, severe acid reflux, severe anemia, severe RLS, low magnesium, low blood pressure, etc., I feel like I can't catch a break. Trying to make the best of it though! With a magnesium supplement, magnesium oil, Zantac, and sleepytime tea, I'm finally getting some sleep, which is very helpful. It makes keeping up with the house, two kids, a dog, a cat, and two rats much easier.

Speaking of the kids...

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Noah is six now! He lost his bottom front teeth recently, and he's very proud. Still home schooled and he's in first grade. His newest obsession is YouTube videos of other people playing with toys... even though he has tons of toys to play with himself. Kids, man. He does pretend to make his own videos, too. It's really cute! He's excited to be a big brother again :)
Gage is three now, and still nursing (but if you knew us, you wouldn't be surprised, haha!). Nursing through pregnancy is no joke. I hate it, but it's a big comfort for him, so it's whatever. He's not really being home schooled yet, but he does have a big interest in letters so we talk about them. He can actually name most! He's very excited to be a big brother and share his milkies with him :)

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This is our pain in the ass border collie, Ella. She loves the kids and the kids love her. She has anxiety from her previous home and we're working with her on it, but she has some behavioral issues due to it. She's very loving and gentle with the kids, so at least that's not a worry! Mostly just peeing in the house and stealing food. We still love her, she's cuddly and silly and too cute not to.

I think that's good for updates, for now... I've missed this blog and I'll try to get back into it more!

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