Friday, September 13, 2013


Since I forgot to even post my 33 week update... here it is!
It's like my pregnancy with Bug, you can barely tell from the front or back, but then I turn sideways and BAM!
At 33 weeks he was the size of a Durian fruit, about 4lbs and 17in long on average. Until now I've never even heard of a durian fruit... He began keeping his eyes open for the duration of being awake this week and began to coordinate sucking and swallowing to prep for breastfeeding. His bones are hardening, he's still going through major brain development, and still putting on baby fat so when he makes his appearance he'll be a little chunker :) My symptoms were the same as they are this week so we'll just cover them under the 34 week update. We ordered 6 more cloth diapers, bringing us up to 14 OS diapers and 10 NB diapers, but we're only borrowing the NB diapers. They're all so cute! We also paid our midwife some of what we owe and that felt great.
P.S. Apparently the Durian fruit has been nicknamed "the king of fruits" and is known for it's large size, strong smell and being covered in thorns. Yikes, imagine pushing THAT out!

And this is my 34 week picture, and probably my last bikini picture until I'm in labor - haha! I can't believe it's already September. This week Sparrow is roughly between 4.2 and 5.8lbs and between 17.2-18.7 inches long - about the size of a butternut squash. Just in time for fall! If this were my first pregnancy, it would be common for him to "drop" (also known as lightening) into the birth canal any time between now and 38 weeks, but because this is a subsequent pregnancy, it's common for them not to drop until you're in labor. Boo for me because when baby drops, you can finally breathe easier! He's now peeing about a pint's worth every day now, and he can recognize and respond to simple songs. He also recognizes -- and Noah's voices and goes crazy when he hears them!
While he hasn't dropped, he has turned head down. I don't expect him to stay this way, but I literally felt him turn his body around, head into my pelvis and feet straight up into my ribs. Super uncomfortable but normal and a good sign, right?
I still can't sleep, I still have awful acid reflux, headaches, backaches, my boobs leak all the time (especially if a baby cries!) my ankles still swell, I'm majorly uncomfortable but I've only got about 6 weeks left... or 41 days. All depending on whether or not I go overdue, of course.
Aaaaaand my birthday is tomorrow! As a treat to myself I bought myself a box of hair dye and ditched the blonde for what I think is a really pretty shade of red:

I like it a lot better than the blonde :) Well, Bug is napping so I'm going to go join him. I know better now than to let these moments go to waste!

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