Friday, September 20, 2013

35 weeks!

I'm sorry guys. There's no beating around the bush, my posts can and likely will continue to be days and days late. I know, bad blogger skills, man. Terrible quality in a blogger - consistently late posts. But I'm just so drained that half the time the thought of blogging makes me want to cry, I just want to sleep! At the same time, I like keeping you all updated and it's nice to know people actually enjoy reading this blog. So definitely not going to stop blogging, you'll just have to forgive my tardy posts.
Sleep is a terrible thing for me these days. My belly is huge! I can't lay on my back because it reduces oxygen to the baby and it's uncomfortable anyway. I can't lay on my stomach for obvious reasons (and if you can't figure that out you haven't been following this blog long enough!). Laying on my side is uncomfortable because life hates me. My futon is ridiculously worn out and uncomfortable - but thankfully we should have our new bed soon! So anyway, it gets even better. When I can finally manage to get comfortable, acid reflux returns with a vengeance. If I don't take Pepcid AND Tums right before bed, I'm SOL for the entire night. It blows. Really. It's awful and I have 4 and a half weeks left of it and I'm about to sell our bed for a La-Z-Boy to sleep in. As you can imagine, this makes for an awful, and incredibly not restful sleep. So I go to bed exhausted and I wake up only slightly less exhausted, even though my wonderful boyfriend gets up with Noah all night for me so I can give sleep a fighting chance. I dunno, spending my days barely being able to keep my eyes open is really taking its toll on me - especially with babysitting a 3yo while chasing my own toddler around, prepping for the baby, organizing, and doing endless laundry.
Well, back to the point of this post - I'm 35 weeks! As of Wednesday, if I were to go into labor, I could safely deliver at home. How crazy is that? I'm almost 36 weeks along and I feel like my doctor told me I was pregnant just yesterday. I have 33 days left! Anyway, Sparrow is about the size of a coconut. So about 18in long and about 5 lbs, on average. His hearing is fully developed and he responds best to high pitched noises - so big brother's random screeches are going to elicit the best reaction from him!
Big Brother Noah: 1 Mommy and Daddy: 0
His lungs are almost fully developed, but he needs the next four and a half weeks to put the finishing touches on 'em and ensure they're working correctly and that he can work them on his own.
Noah's getting more and more excited about his arrival with every passing day. He keeps asking if he can have him and hold him and snuggle with him yet - I can't wait to see them together! We have about $160 in miscellaneous expenses left to prepare for the birth - covering the rest of our diapers, bottles, pacifiers, our birth kit, and the items from the home birth check list. Ah - tack $70 onto that for placenta encapsulation. I'm so glad Curtis isn't a deadbeat because thankfully I'm not paying for all of this on my own! I'm not sure I could handle that honestly. He's a great guy though and he's helped a lot. He's bought diapers, made payment toward our midwife, bought clothes, etc. already... Out of all of our cloth I haven't paid a dime yet! Anyway, I still can't get over how soon we'll be meeting this bubs, and how soon you all get to finally learn his name! I think it's time for me to go to bed, though, so here's a bump picture and goodnight!

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