Saturday, September 21, 2013

Saturday #1 - Nature Walk/Scavenger Hunt

These are the boys. The blonde one making the super silly cheese face is mine (Bug, can't you tell?) and the one with the brown hair is the boy we babysit - Aiden.

I don't normally have Aiden on Saturdays so it's not often that he'll be on the blog, but he's a cutie pie and wanted to take a couple pictures with Bug and they were too cute not to share!
Anyway, we recently decided that we're going to do a new activity every Saturday, because we always do the same old thing. Today was Saturday #1 and the activity we had planned for today was a nature walk and a scavenger hunt! We planned to walk down to the woods by the river and look for acorns, pine cones, pretty leaves, sticks, stones, and other nature-y things. We brought our plastic shopping bags (makes sense, right? I guess it counts as recycling!) and we were all set!
We started our walk to the river and the boys skipped up ahead, chatting happily between themselves and talking about what they were gonna find.
"I'm gonna get corns!"
"I'm gonna get a-cones!"
They're two and three - their speech isn't quite stellar just yet, haha.
So they're excitedly walking and skipping and waving their nature bags in the air, and we feel it.
One drop.
Two drops.
It's raining. Of course it's raining.
So what, universe, does that mean we're better off being lazy? Because I was pretty excited for this whole thing and I'm pretty sure Bug was too!
Well, then it became a game. We had to race home and see who could find what items before we got home - and it was pretty fun to run through the rain like a little kid again!
Bug ended up with a stick, a purple flower, and a leaf; and Aiden ended up with a pink flower and a leaf.
We brought our spoils home and dumped our nature bags on the table. We used all of the items to identify colors and we named each item. They told me where sticks come from ("They fall off broken trees!") and where the leaves came from ("It's fall, they fall!"). They then proceeded to rip off all the petals of the flowers and tear each petal into tiny pieces... it's a shame, they were pretty flowers haha!
Well, the rain may have tried to ruin our fun but it was only partially successful. Here's to a better Saturday #2 - and the plan is to make Play-Doh!
Here's a picture of what the boys found, I hope everyone's having a great day!

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