Friday, September 13, 2013

Birth Affirmations

I thought it might be nice to share my birth affirmations here. Birth affirmations are a great way to help yourself through labor, whether you go all natural or get an epidural, are induced or have a c-section. They help you to stay calm and focused.
I used them without realizing what they were, or that they had a name, or how common they are, when I was in labor with my first son, and they helped immensely through 28.5 hours of natural, unmedicated labor.
Here are some of my favorites:

*My body was made for this. I can do this.
*This won't last forever.
*My body is powerful.
*I'm fortunate to be able to have this experience.
*This is the last time my baby will ever be so close. Cherish every moment.
*Let go.
*Let your body do it's thing.
*My body knows what to do, and how to do it well.
*The strength of my contractions represents my strength as a woman.
*Every contraction brings my baby closer.
*I trust in my ability to birth my baby.
*I have faith in my body and in myself.
*This is not a race. My body will give birth in its own time.
*Everything is going as it should.
*The pain is a good sign. The more intense my contractions become, the closer I am to meeting my baby.
*Breathe in, breathe out, relax.
*I deserve a wonderful birth!
*My baby will be here soon.
*I visualize each contraction opening my body up to give birth.
*I will not fight my contractions. I will focus on them, relax, and let them do their job.
*The pain may be intense, but this is what my body was designed to do.
*Women have been doing this for centuries!
*I am strong.
*I am patient.
*I am grateful.
*I am relaxed.
*I'm getting closer to meeting my baby.
*I am happy and calm.
*I am focusing on my contractions.
*I am focusing on my breathing.
*I am doing wonderfully.
*Nothing worthwhile comes easily.
*I am at peace.
*There is no rush.
*I am not fearful for I know I can do this.
*I believe in birth.

It's a bit of a long list, but maybe not every affirmation is a great fit for every mother. Though each affirmation is true, each one may not help every laboring mother. These are affirmations I used in my first labor, with more added to it to use with this labor in just 6 short weeks. This is only one technique I intend to use during labor, but I suppose I could post an additional technique every week up until labor - until I run out. Next week we'll discuss using water as pain management, the week after we will go over swaying and the tennis ball technique. The third week we'll discuss massage and essential oils. The fourth week we'll discuss bouncing on a birthing ball to ease pain. The fifth week we'll discuss walking. At week 40, if I'm not already in labor, we'll discuss another technique - but it will be a surprise! The same with weeks 41-43 if Sparrow is stubborn and chooses to hang out a while longer.

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