Sunday, October 20, 2013


Both boys are sleeping and mommy has a cup of hot cocoa and some time to update her blog. Woohoo! Bug's out after a sugar crash because he got to have junk food today, and Dragon Baby is totally milk drunk and out cold sucking his thumb. I don't have a picture of them right now, but I do have this super cute picture of them napping together yesterday!

They've been so good together. I was really worried about Bug being jealous when Gage got here, but we include him in everything we do with the baby and I think it's helping a lot. He loves him! He picks out what color cloth diaper he wants Dragon Baby to wear, and he puts the old one in the diaper pail for me. He helps pick out his outfits and he gives him his pacifier. The only thing he can't really help with is breastfeeding (obviously) but he does sit right next to us and snuggle while I nurse. He picks out what blanket to swaddle him in and he holds him - with help, of course. It's so stinkin' cute!
He's worn lots of outfits since being home, but I think my favorite so far was when we put him in his daddy's coming home outfit. Of course I got a picture of that:

He was still pretty red, he was only a day old!
I can't believe he's a week old today :( I feel like I had him this morning. Is that weird? I mean, he's only a week old. I feel like time is already flying by too fast. I guess that's the one fear I had that actually happened.
It's been busy around here, as expected. Trying to squeeze in showers, or even just peeing.
Friday was my first day alone with the kids because -- went back to work and I didn't realize how... well, it's not that it was hard, just kind of slow, and a bit to adjust to. It took me 40 minutes to make a bagel, a cup of tea, change Dragon and pee. So for each task that should have been two minutes, it took at least ten minutes. My mom stopped by to drop off a coffee and donuts for me and Bug, and that was really nice. I love me some Dunkin, especially the caramel turtle iced coffee. My mouth is watering just thinking about it! 
Dragon sleeps really well for a newb. He also makes all these really cute dragon noises all the time, when he's sleeping, when he's eating, when he's pooping, when he's just looking around. This has led to me calling him Dragon or Dragon Baby more often than I call him Gage, haha.
He's nursing like a champ. My nipples hurt for the first couple of days while he perfected his latch, but now we're all good! He's pretty much constantly attached to the boob, but I don't really mind. I expected it and I love the bonding that comes from breastfeeding, so it's kind of nice in a way. And hey, breastfeeding has it's superficial perks too - I have boobs now, and I'm already below my pre-pregnancy weight!
His umbilical cord stump fell off when he was five days old. I, being the weirdo I am (just kidding - this is fairly common) kept it. I don't have a nice little box for it yet, so it's totally sitting in a plastic Q-tip box.
Noah's is still in an empty pill bottle from the hospital. I need to get on these boxes.
Babywearing in the DIY jersey knit wrap is going great. Dragon absolutely loves it, and it must be full of sleepy dust because he's out like a light once he's in it. I don't have pictures of me wearing him just yet, but there will be some soon!
Here's a couple of pictures of proud big brother with his baby brother! :)

Life doesn't get any better than this.
Peace & Love!

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