Saturday, October 26, 2013

Just a short post

I'm ten kinds of excited, despite having to explain - in full detail - my hippie ways to everyone.
I got my placenta from -- freezer today because I finally got my gel caps yesterday and it's currently defrosting on my counter.
After a short argument about how this one article my brother read claims consumption of the placenta "is bad for you and makes you feel like shit" and my retort that went something like "I kill myself with hours of research about everything every day, and it has many health benefits despite how 'gross' you think it is", he decided it would be super cool to gross his friends out with it. It was a success, for him anyway. He got one of them to gag. Not so much a "success" by my terms because this is a normal thing for any other animal and I hate that it's considered gross, but whatever - they're 14.
So I have the dehydrator I'm borrowing (she knows it's for my placenta) all set up, I have my placenta defrosting, I have my gloves for working with it, I have a sealed container to store them in. I'm excited!
I may or may not post pictures of the process later - we'll see. I'm off to see how to make a placenta print, though. Check back tomorrow for updates :)

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