Saturday, October 26, 2013

Update **Warning - Placenta Picture!**

So my placenta is currently in the dehydrator.
I had fun rinsing it off, getting rid of the blood and teaching Bug about it while -- rocked Dragon to sleep. I showed him the "tree of life" in it and explained to him that this is what helped his little brother grow big and strong, and that this is what let him breathe and gave him food. I showed him what side was attached to the inside of my belly and what side was next to his brother. Then I showed him the umbilical cord and explained that it was attached to Dragon's belly button and that it's what brings the food and air and nutrients from the placenta to Dragon.
He thought it was awesome. He still calls blood "baby juice," though. Yeah, tired, exhausted me told him it was baby juice when he asked what the blood was after delivery. I only barely remember saying this in between apologies to -- for getting blood everywhere, and no, I don't know why I thought it was a good idea. Blah. He knows it's really called blood, he just prefers baby juice. Weird kid, definitely mine.
Moving on!
I eyed the knife I had put on the newspaper. I knew I had to get down to business, no more blood was coming off, and we had to start slicing it.
I'm not going to lie to you guys. My stomach turned at the thought of it. I don't know why, though.
I called for -- and asked if he could lay Dragon down in the chair and help me start cutting things. He put on his gloves and grabbed the knife and started cutting off the cord.
Dragon started whimpering, then full out crying to be held. I took off my gloves and picked him up. --  told me to just walk him through it and he'd do it so I could take care of Dragon Baby. So I stood next to him, swaying and rocking the baby, and showed him where to cut to remove the membranes. He did all this without flinching or grimacing or even saying "ew". So after removing the cord and membranes, he moved the placenta to the cutting board and went to work. He sliced it up and then cut the slices in half to fit them in the dehydrator properly.
After he sliced it, his eyes lit up like he had an epiphany or something. Turns out it wasn't an epiphany, but it was a super cute, kind of gross and pretty awesome idea. He glanced at me, the placenta, the cord, and repeated this, still looking super happy. He pushed the placenta pieces together and took the cord (which I guess was really long, whether or not it's longer than normal I don't really know) and wrapped it into a heart on top of my placenta.
Yep, despite being a little bit gross to most people, I think it's really cute and it made me smile and run for my camera to snap a picture or two.
And now my placenta pieces are in the dehydrator, and so is the umbilical cord that he shaped into a semi-smaller version of that heart. I'll update more tomorrow after it's done dehydrating.

And I just wanted to share this picture:

I was 119lbs when I got pregnant, 131lbs the week before giving birth, and 114lbs a few days ago.
Thank you breastfeeding! :)
(Excuse the messy makeup and obvious exhaustion, Dragon's been cluster feeding for two days now. He's up a lot at night to eat lately and Bug talks in his sleep and -- snores and I look at my ceiling haha)

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