Wednesday, July 17, 2013

26 weeks!

Hello 26 weeks! I can't believe I'm only a week away from my third trimester. This pregnancy is flying by!
Asher can see now - not that there's a whole lot to see in utero, but his eyes are no longer fused shut. I wonder what it looks like in there? 
He's also the size of a head of lettuce, but he's a lot cuter. He's growing hair, his eyelashes are grown, he's packin' on the pounds of cute, chunky baby fat - if a head of lettuce did all that, I'd be really concerned. His brain tissue and neurons are still developing rapidly, and they'll continue to do so until he's around eight years old. Also, my little dude's recently gained control of his head! So if he knew how, he could now nod, or shake his head, or being that he's MY spawn - headbang. Sometimes it feels like he is, though. Maybe I just have a super smart, rock 'n' roll lovin' fetus. I'm okay with this. He's also practicing breathing with his amniotic fluid, which he's also peeing in. So he's "breathing" amniotic fluid and pee... but it's alright, it's sterile and normal and he'll be just fine.
Until he's 14 and I tell him he breathed his own pee for a few months. ;)
I still can't sleep between Asher and Noah. When I fall asleep, Noah wakes up and wants a drink, so I get up and get him a drink and we go back to sleep. Of course as soon as I fall asleep, Asher wants to test his skills and see if he can become an acrobat once he makes his great escape from the womb. This wakes me up, and I wait for him to finish and go back to sleep. By this time Noah wakes up and wants another drink. I get up, get him another drink, and we snuggle and watch some TV and fall asleep. Then Asher decides it's workout time and uses my bladder as a punching bag, effectively waking me up and making me run to the bathroom so I don't pee my pants. I get a glass of water and lay down again, and then "what's up? it's me, acid reflux. I wanted to join the party too!" So I get up and try to find tums or baking soda or apple cider vinegar or something to make it stop so I can lay down. Then I go back to bed, finally fall asleep, and it's morning, and I have a smiley, giggly baby hugging my face and telling me "morning mama, wake up!" and a super active fetus who also wants to play and I know I have zero chance at a normal sleep cycle.
The life of a mama, haha.
My feet and ankles swell easily, not to a worrisome size and not sudden so it's nothing to worry about. We like to be outside so being on my feet too much makes them swell and it's just annoying, and I hate looking at them. Sometimes I feel like I don't have ankles anymore because I can barely see them!
I'm also surprised at the amount of movement I'm feeling. I feel like there are way too many limbs in there, but my scans definitely only showed one baby. Noah's movements never woke me out of a dead sleep like Asher's do, and Asher is a lot more active in general than Noah was. I wonder if it's a sign of how he'll be when he's actually here... oh man!
I have my OB appointment on the 22nd and I get to find out all the results of my blood tests and all that good stuff, and schedule a glucose test that I'm probably going to skip because I'm not at risk and my OB even said I don't need it, but he just likes to have all his patients do it. I've cleaned up my eating enough to where drinking/eating something HALF as sweet as that makes me nauseous, and every time you puke the drink up you need to drink it again. And the whole fasting for 8 hours beforehand makes me 10x more likely to puke. Yuck, no thanks. No point in overloading my body with sugar if I don't need to!

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