Saturday, July 6, 2013

Pool time :)

This mama spent most of her time behind the camera the other day... and in the pool. Swimming while pregnant is probably the best thing ever!
Anyway, I had a blast taking pictures of my midget before I got brave enough to walk into the pool. It's a lot harder to get in and get used to the water when you can't jump in, and unfortunately, this belly full of fetus won't fare well if I start jumping and doing flips off the diving board.
Bug's favorite thing to do all day was push his daddy, uncles and aunt into the pool. He had so much fun! His favorite person to push in though was --, by far. I finally got pictures of him pushing -- in after what seemed like the hundredth time!
He didn't want to hang out with his mama all day long though. It made it easier for me to swim because I wasn't chasing a two year old around the pool so I guess we both won - -- got quality time with his bubba and I got the awesome feeling of weightlessness a pregnant mama gets to enjoy when she's in the water!
And oh man, swimming has never been so tiring before. I used to be able to do laps for what felt like hours, now swimming to the deep end and back I need to catch my breath... and I'm not even out of shape! I dance, do yoga, go for walks and chase a toddler around all day every day. I've been sleeping pretty well after swim sessions, though, thanks to the water sucking away all my energy. 

After we were done swimming we tried to hang out by the pool and have some pizza, but the mosquitoes were terrible. My poor swollen ankles are now covered in mosquito bites on top of looking like cankles. 
Oh, the joys of creating a tiny human. Swollen feet and ankles, being a feast for mosquitoes (I never bothered looking into why pregnant women are so delicious to them, either), the fatigue, ahhh. It's all well worth it in the end. And I only have 109 days (roughly) until I get to meet my little bubs. Yay! I have a feeling he's going to come after his due date like his big brother, even with that contraction scare at 21 weeks. I don't mind though. Bake as long as you need to, bubba! We want a happy, healthy, chunky little baby!

Oh, and swimming made Bug sleep well too:

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