Friday, July 19, 2013

Guess who got a haircut!

This guy! He absolutely hates them, too. We got up early, got dressed, brushed our teeth and hair and went out to the car. Bug knew where we were going, we've been telling him since yesterday and we reminded him this morning as well. He said it was okay we were getting his hair cut. So we get in the car and he wants donuts, so we got donuts (and coffee because we knew what was coming) and we were on our way. We asked him the whole way there, "are you excited to get your hair cut?" and every time got "yes!" And then we got there, I expected everything to change the second we set foot in the shop. Surprisingly it didn't - he pointed at all the old chairs and told me "cool, mommy!" They are pretty cool old chairs. Then he told me to get in the chair so he could cut my hair and I figured why not, maybe it'll help if I play along. I climbed into the chair and let him "cut" my hair with his finger scissors. He was very proud of himself. He told me he did a good job and my hair was beautiful (he must have a good imagination because my hair could really use a cut and dye). I told him thank you very much and he ran to go sit in the chairs that you wait in and asked me for a magazine. So we sat in the chairs and read magazines and showed each other pictures, and he showed me video games he wants - which was a bit odd because he doesn't play video games and doesn't know how, either. There were two people in line before us and he watched them get their hair cut. One was an elderly man who could talk your ear off, but in a good way. He was super sweet and he thought Noah was absolutely adorable. The second man was probably mid-late thirties, he was also nice but Noah didn't really want to talk to or look at him. Ah, you win some, you lose some, haha. He watched both of them get their hair cut and told me "no hurt mommy, it's okay." and I was glad he understood that it wasn't painful. By now I had really high hopes for this haircut, I thought there was even a chance that he wouldn't cry or scream or flail around. Finally it was his turn. We went to put him in the chair and he started screeching, crying, yelling, flailing, arching his back and trying to rip off the cover. My poor bubs :( I sat on the chair and put him on my lap, and the barber covered both of us up. Noah was still very upset about it and crying and I told him I promise this can be the last haircut for a long time. I did mean it, it's just too hot this summer for him to be growing it out right now. If he starts growing it out in August/September, by next summer it'll be long enough to pull back so he doesn't sweat so much and it doesn't stick to his face and make him crabby. Anyway, he kept crying and freaking out and I was trying to hold him still and combat my feelings of being a mean mommy. There was no intention to be mean, I want him to be more comfortable in this heat. We're about halfway through the haircut and I remember what I do to distract him on long car rides - count. I figure it's a long shot because he's upset, not bored, but it's worth I try. I asked if he wanted to count and he said yes, so I started counting,
Back and forth between us until we get to ten. It worked! It was the perfect distraction. We got to ten and he yells "Yay! Again!" So we counted again. And again, and again, and again, until the haircut was over. Not a single tear, cry, whine, yell, nothing after we started counting. I was so glad for his sake and my own that we'd found something to distract him and calm him down during his haircut. After he was done, the barber brushed him off and gave him a lollipop.

Guess who likes haircuts now?

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