Saturday, July 13, 2013

Gloomy weather sucks

"It's pouring, it's raining, it's snoring, it's raining!"
That's what this afternoon consists of - my two year old singing his rendition of "It's raining, it's pouring".
I hate crappy weather, but his singing makes it pretty cute.
So far today there have been lots and lots of snuggles, tickles, and monster kisses. Oh, and Bug's been trying to convince me that things are hiding in the trees outside and giggling at me when he gets me to look.
There's not a whole lot to update about today... Nothing too new, and I can't decide what controversial topic I want to blog about.
Oh! I did try Traditional Medicinals Pregnancy Tea, that was pretty sweet. It tastes awesome, but I prefer Earth Mama Angel Baby. I'm partial to them, though, so I don't know if it counts.
I think we're gonna spend the day making homemade french bread pizza, playing in the rain and playing Just Dance on the Kinect. Right now Bug is outside with his grandpa playing, because he can't get enough of him. Everywhere he goes, Bug's two steps behind him yelling "wait! I'm coming!" It's super adorable, especially because it takes him ages to warm up to people.
I remembered something I do love to the moon and back about pregnancy: hair growth. On my head anyway... -- makes fun of my new "belly fur" that's appeared. Oh well, I had it with Bug too, it falls out after you give birth haha. But my hair has grown significantly since getting pregnant, which is awesome. Last summer I chopped it all off, I'm still not sure why I thought that was a good idea, but it's taken forever and three days to start to grow back some. I can actually put it in a ponytail, or half up/half down, or braid it, or even curl it. Progress! My nails are growing pretty quickly too. I'm not too big on nails, but I pick at them a lot and I bite them, and it's nice that they don't ALWAYS look ratty because of me anymore.
I'll try to pick something real to blog about later and then come back, but no guarantees.
And if you're interested, that picture is 25w3d. Less than 15 weeks to go!

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