Friday, May 31, 2013

Eighteen Weeks!

And here’s 18 weeks! (and one day, haha) We had a check-up at the new OB yesterday. Baby is strong and active! It hates the doppler so every time the doctor moved it over the baby it kicked it and moved to the other side, ended up taking nearly ten minutes to find the heartbeat lol. Noah was just staring, going, “Ah! That’s my baby, mama! My baby!” And the doctor says “It sounds just like a choo-choo, right?” And Noah gave him a dirty look and goes, “No. It’s my baby.” It was the funniest thing ever haha. Heartbeat is nice and strong too! We get to find out if Le Fetus is a boy or a girl in two weeks! I’m so excited! I don’t think I updated but last week Le Fetus’ daddy felt the baby from the outside. It was such an awesome moment :) Noah likes to snuggle up with it and nap and it’s adorable. That’s all for now, guys! I have a two year old to entertain!

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