Friday, May 31, 2013

Seventeen Weeks!

Hello 17 weeks! I think I’m finally reaching the point in pregnancy where I can be comfortable. Woot! The baby moves more and more every day :) I’m still wearing my Sea Bands fairly often but I can go extended periods of time without them now. Curtis thinks it’s all in my head, but whether it is or not, they help! All I’ve been craving consistently is plain cream cheese and salads with shredded cheese and LOTS of Italian dressing. Not together, of course, but these are the only cravings that have been consistent throughout the pregnancy. You know what sucks? Only having boobies when I’m knocked up or nursing, haha. I’m still working on getting my energy back though, nothing like a rambunctious two year old 24/7 and a three year old I babysit 4 times a week to help a fetus suck the life outta ya! It’s worth it though. I get all the benefits of being a SAHM and still getting a paycheck, booyah! And the little boy I watch is the sweetest, and he’s Noah’s best friend! It’s a win-win. I like it. 
The fetus (or sikiö - which I think I’ve mentioned is “the fetus” in Finnish and what I call the baby) is now roughly the size of an onion CRL and nearly half a foot long. We’re doing some serious growing, guys. Sikiö’s limbs are now nearly proportionate as well! He or she is now capable of hearing (or in the process of being able to hear, anyway) so it’s able to hear my voice and heartbeat/etc. 
I’m still waiting on insurance so y’all can know if it’s a boy or a girl, I’m sure you’re almost as excited as we are!
And, now that I’ve magically been gaining followers, feel free to leave questions in my Ask or topics you want me to blog about. It’s nice to see other people interested! :)

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