Thursday, July 25, 2013

A day late, but 27 weeks!

Guess who's hit her third trimester? This girl!
This week Asher is the size of a rutabaga. He's roughly 13.6-14.8in long and 1.5-2.5lbs. He's showing brain activity and he's still practicing breathing his amniotic fluid - and pee. Yum! He's still supposedly slowly rotating out of breech and into head-down position, but I'm pretty sure he's still sideways and content with that. I'm also pretty sure he has like, eight limbs... There's so much activity in there!
I'm more tired and I don't have to do much to want to sit down, but I'm still staying pretty active. Regular meals, 3-4 walks every day, yoga, stretching, leg/butt workouts (don't worry - they're pregnancy safe!), along with chasing my two year old around. And a three year old, too, three days a week! I'm only 2lbs over my pre-pregnancy weight, but I always lose a lot in the beginning and struggle to gain it back, even though I eat everything in sight. It's got it's good sides and bad sides, haha.
I have to stop to catch my breath sometimes now that Asher is taking up so much room, and my belly button is sticking out more and more every day. Wah. That's one thing I hate! And the cankles. I hate my cankles! But like I always say, they're well worth it for the baby to be happy and healthy.
As you can probably tell by the bathroom in the picture, we're back home. It was a nice three and a half weeks in New York but it's good to be home and see everybody! We do miss everyone in NY, though. It won't be too long before we see them again.
Our baby shower is three weeks away! I'll be 30 weeks and a few days. We're having a cloth diaper raffle since we're not going to be using disposables and there will be games, food, fun and lots of catching up!
Yesterday I gave in and bought something for the new bubs (and for Bug and something for me, too!)

I'm wearing the shirt I bought myself in the top picture :)
Noah got 6 pairs of socks, Chuggington and Cars! He got 7 pairs of Star Wars underwear for being such a big boy and peeing on the potty, and the yellow and white striped "Mr. Mischief" shirt. Very fitting for a rambunctious two year old! Asher got two onesies and a pair of pants, the gray onesie says "Mommy's Little Monster". I'm thinking of buying a green monster hat and making that his coming home outfit :)
All of this normally would have cost close to $50 at Sears, but I managed to find all of it on clearance and it only cost us $23 - which is even better because my dad gave us a $25 gift card to Sears! Yay! Noah loves all his stuff and he picked out Asher's monster outfit.
Yesterday was a great day overall, we got all that stuff and it was just me and Bug, we had a baby/mommy day. We went to the dollar store and picked out our baby shower invitations and stopped in the food court before we went home to share some cheese fries and talk about our day. He's a pretty good conversationalist now that he can talk!

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