Sunday, July 21, 2013

Comparison pictures

I found a bunch of my pregnancy pictures from when I was pregnant with Noah, and I put them together in a collage with the corresponding week from this pregnancy for comparison.
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15 weeks and 5 days along with Noahbug vs. 16 weeks along with Asher.
Some of these aren't the best comparison shots, but I have my face in 98% of the photos from my current pregnancy, and surprisingly not in a whole lot of the ones from Noah.

19 weeks with Noah vs. 19 weeks with Ash. I was 17 when I was pregnant with Noah and still stuck on the "Myspace angle" for taking pictures, haha.

A semi better comparison picture. 21 weeks with Bug vs 21 weeks with Asher. I should have straightened the second picture, but you can already tell I'm bigger this time around.

22 weeks with Bug vs 22 weeks with Ash. Huuuge difference already.

The first one's pretty close up compared to the second, but still a whole lot bigger this time around. I feel like my belly is significantly bigger but didn't realize how much until I was looking through old pregnancy pictures!

Not much difference in Noah's 24 and 25 week pictures, but still growing in Asher's haha.

And the last one... for now. 26 weeks with Bug vs 26 weeks with Ash. There's a whole lot more belly this time around! I think it's the 31 week belly that finally almost catches up to the 26 week belly. Ridiculous! Haha.

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