Tuesday, July 16, 2013

It's the little things...

It's moments like this that make me pretty confident that Bug will be a good big brother. The doll in the picture is Rella (how he pronounces "Cinderella" - his favorite movie but he can't say her name, so he shortened it). Before they went to bed, he picked her up and carried her to the couch and laid her down gently. He walked over to the box of diapers, put one on her and told her not to "pee pee" on the couch. Then he put her head on the pillow, climbed up behind her and slipped one arm under her head and pulled the covers up, making sure not to cover her face, gave her "boo" (breastfeeding) and then wrapped his arm around her and went to sleep.
This is his baby, he's very careful with her and wants to bring her everywhere with him. He changes her butt, he nurses her, he rocks her, he takes her for walks, he checks on her while she naps and he doesn't let anyone touch her. He loves her! This picture is from last night, but he's sleeping next to me now snuggled up with her again. It's the cutest thing in the world the way he takes care of her.
I know he'll probably get jealous that he has to share mommy and daddy, but he likes to be so involved with little babies and never wants to give them up. I think as long as we include him as much as possible with Asher, everything will work out alright. I'm either buying or making him a little sling or carrier because he wants to wear his babies while I wear Asher. I'm so glad that babywearing and breastfeeding are so natural to him, I wouldn't have it any other way.
This is a short post, but my 26 week update is tomorrow so I think this is sufficient. It's time to go do more schoolwork and some research, and relax a bit before bed. Or maybe just relax, nothing wrong with taking a day off, right?

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