Wednesday, June 19, 2013

22 weeks today!

Yay! Today makes 22 weeks, and only two more weeks until viability!
I can't believe how much bigger I look and feel than last week. I'm not sure how noticeable it is in a picture, but I can feel it and all I've heard the last two days is how huge I am. It's crazy! I think this pregnancy is going by a little faster than Noah's did, and I'm gonna chalk it up to having a two year old to play with and chase around and take care of. I have someone to focus on besides my pregnancy, and things to do to pass the time. It still feels like just yesterday I was only eight weeks along and still hadn't told anybody!
Asher is like my secret best friend, we just play "tag" all day and nobody even notices. I poke my belly and wait for him to poke me back, and then I poke him again, and this will go on for about an hour at a time.
So, about the baby!
He's about 11in long now (rough estimate as we've reached the point where fetuses grow and develop differently) and the size of a papaya. The average fetal weight at this point in pregnancy is 12-20oz. His eyes and lips are more developed, so he's looking less like an alien fish and more like a baby! He's also developing sleep cycles now - sleeping for roughly 12-14 hours a day. His lungs are developing and his fingernails are finished developing. His pancreas is now making it's own hormones for his body and brain! 
And about me? My back is starting to ache more, which is to be expected. Fortunately it isn't unbearable and a little prenatal yoga and belly dance make it feel loads better. My uterus is now above my belly button (feeling for fundal height is normal for me so I've been able to tell where it is for a while haha) and my new "outtie" belly button is sticking out even more. Yipee! Can I roll my eyes on here? If I'm not at risk (and so far I'm not) I'm skipping my glucose test again. I've been eating way better than before I got pregnant - less sugar, less junk, less processed foods - and I get a lot of exercise between walking, playing with Noah, yoga, dancing, and babysitting. My OB has made it clear that the glucose test will more than likely be optional for me. I'm happy about it, I've heard terrible things about it. Mostly that many women puke from that ridiculously sugary drink they make you drink beforehand and how you have to fast for eight hours before your appointment. Fasting for any amount of time isn't really my thing, especially when I'm pregnant.
I've also been feeling much better as far as the cramping that landed me in L&D is concerned, but I do have to wear a support band if I go on longish walks so I don't get crampy. That, though, I believe is due to stretching out faster because your ligaments aren't as tight with second, third, fourth pregnancies as they were with your first.
My little breakdancer is bustin' out some new dance moves in there and Noah wants me to watch Thomas the train with him, so that's all for now! :)

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