Thursday, June 13, 2013

Just got back from L&D...

I've been crampy all day in my lower back/abdomen, and even after drinking lots of water, lying on my side and napping it wasn't really letting up. So after about 4 hours of giving it time, I went into L&D to get monitored.
They admitted me, hooked me up to the monitors and gave me some ice water. They got his heartbeat on the doppler (upper 150s) and then gave me a vaginal exam. I'm dilated to 1cm externally and closed internally with a thick cervix, which is good! My contractions were mostly BH contractions - also good. They tested my urine to see if the pain was from a UTI, bladder infection or kidney infection. Negative to all three, so again, good news. So I asked why there's still pain if there's no infections, no real contractions? My OB says the pain is probably from Asher being super active and irritating my uterus.
They discharged me and let me know that, while I'm not on bedrest, I do need to take it easy. No watching the 3yo boy that I watch and no long walks or strenuous activity until at least 25 weeks, because he wants Asher to be viable and that happens at 24 weeks. This means no income of my own for the next four weeks, but it's worth it to keep my baby boy in and baking. 
The one really nice thing to come out of today was that my mom finally got to feel him kick! He hated the fetal monitor and kept trying to kick it off my belly because it was invading his space. Yup, he's our kid alright haha. And now I'm home, relaxing on my couch and keeping hydrated. We're usually so active, the next few weeks are gonna drag by. I'll be looking for lots of arts & crafts type things I can do at home with my Bugman. 
Come on, Asher, stay in there and bake! We wanna keep you in till you're full term, so we have a nice, big, healthy bubba! We wanna meet you too but we want you to be alright when we do meet. It's not so far off, enjoy it in there while you can. Nothing beats womb service ;)

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