Thursday, June 13, 2013

Rain, rain, go away!

Today is so, so boring. No park, no 3 walks like we take every day, no rescuing bugs or digging in the dirt or going out to learn about flowers and ducks. I hate the rain. I left my strollers outside too, so they're gonna be soaking wet tomorrow even if it's nice out, but it's okay because I have my ring sling and Noahbug has two legs haha. I wish I had a picture of him looking out the window because he's too cute, but every time I get up to get my camera he jumps up to ask if we're going bye bye yet.

I think all we have on our agenda today is yoga, blogging, movies and blanket forts... and he's probably going to continue trying to figure out this knight helmet. Oh, Dollar Store, how I love you! So many toys and so inexpensive... and he likes 'em 10x more than what I get him at Target or Walmart.
Maybe I'll be able to get some cleaning in today? That is, if I can turn off the birth videos without him yelling at me! As a birth doula/aspiring midwife I watch a lot of birth videos and Noah loves to watch them with me. It's a good thing, I think, for him to be used to seeing a woman give birth. He's going to be present when I have Asher and I'm glad he knows that the mama isn't yelling 'cause she's mad, she's yelling 'cause "she wants baby OUT!" - in his words. I told him that the mama yelling makes it hurt less, but he's convinced it's just because she wants him out. Anyway, all he's wanted to do all morning is watch birth videos and occasionally read a book. I hate the rain, we're going stir crazy in here and it's not even noon!

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