Sunday, June 2, 2013

Pool time!

Went swimming with the Bugman and Le Fetus yesterday! The water was FREEZING but it felt so good. Bug loved putting his feet in the water and standing on the top step and on the ladder but did not want to go in, at all. We put him in a floatie that he could just sit and float in, and he screamed bloody murder. I carried him on my chest with his legs in the water, more crying, so I put him back down on the edge and he was more than content dangling his legs in the water. He hated the life jacket but insisted on hanging out by the edge of the pool so he didn't have much say in it, and it wasn't tight or uncomfortable, he just doesn't like wearing anything haha it was a fight to get him in pool clothes instead of being naked. The baby loved the water though, every time I got in it was kicking away! And my back already hurts this time around but it calmed the back pain and the round ligament pain. I love feeling so weightless in the water! Bug kept asking me if the baby was okay or if she was cold (we don't know the gender, but he decided it's a "she") and I reassured him that mommy's belly kept the baby nice and warm. Then he didn't want me to let my belly go underwater because he thought she couldn't breathe. It's so cute how he looks out for his new brother or sister. :)
OH! And we have this new 99% natural sunblock from Purple Prairie called SunStuff and it's AWESOME. It's expensive because it doesn't contain retynol palmitate/vitamin A or any of those other phototoxins and it's only a 1 on the hazard scale set by EWG. It's unscented and has no artificial dyes or anything so it's safe for my Bug who seems to be allergic to everything, and it works! It's $12 plus S&H for a 5oz bottle but I went with it and it's worth it, just a little bit goes a long way, even reapplying every hour. Just wanted to brag a little about finally finding a brand of sunscreen I feel safe using!

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