Wednesday, June 12, 2013

21 down, 19 to go!

So today we're 21 weeks! That means we've only got roughly 19 left to go! Asher is getting more and more active, I'm beginning to think I'm growing a breakdancer in there. I'm still sick at night (boo) and occasionally during the day, but I've been Sea Band-less for I think about two weeks? A week and a half? I got this! Anyway, this week Asher is the size of a pomegranate. He's roughly 10.5 inches (we stopped measuring CRL last week and now we measure head to toe) and 12.7oz.
Noah felt him kick for the first time the night before last! He came in the room and laid on the bed next to me and asked "Mama? I 'nuggle brudder?" and you know I'm not gonna tell him he can't. So he put his head down on my belly and put his hand on my belly next to mine, where I was feeling him kick. All of ten seconds later, his jaw drops and he gets wide eyed and yells, "Mama! He hit me!!!" I just about died laughing. He loves his little brother already.
We have like two boxes of boys clothes, we have binkies, we have bouncers and blankets and everything! We're getting prepared ahead of time this time. Noah picked out all his newb jammies and outfits and socks and says "I give Ashes?" and it's super cute. He finds something new for him every day.
Oh yeah, did I mention he can't pronounce Asher so he calls him Ashes? It's too funny. He'll go up to people when we're out walking and tell them "My brother Ashes, in mama's belly!" He's so proud and loves to tell everyone about him. I'm so happy he loves him so much, I just hope he still does when he finally gets here!

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