Saturday, June 15, 2013

Someone's sleepy!

We managed a short walk to Subway and the swings on the way back today. He was so excited to get out even though we only stayed inside all day for one day... and even then we sat on the front porch and he dug for worms in the front yard. He was running and jumping everywhere, picking up rocks and telling me "Mama, hold 'em, no pockets," because his shorts didn't have any pockets. He picked me probably about 20 flowers along the way, too, because he's a little sweetheart. He hugged every tree we passed and stopped for a good twenty minutes and asked me to sit down with him so he could toss rocks in a puddle. My tattoo shop is also on the path home so he begged to go in and talk to my tattoo artist and he showed off some dance moves, said hello to each and every fish in the tank and to each artist that was working today, and then we made our way back home.
We got back and he asked if he could watch TV, so we turned on Nickelodeon and watched some Spongebob (and I know Spongebob isn't the best show for a two year old, but it's still much better than The Regular Show and he likes it). He was sitting on the floor playing with his magnets and watching his show and slowly but surely made his way all the way down to the floor. I saw his eyes starting to close and asked him if he wanted to come up on the bed, and he tells me "No mama, I play." And then he starts nodding off again, and I ask again, "Buggy, come snuggle with mama and take a nap," to which he replies "No, mama, I not tired, no night night." Well, sure enough, less than five minutes later he's passed out on the floor in front of the bed. Of course I took some pictures before I moved him, he's too cute not to.

As for me and Asher, we're doing pretty well. I'm not very crampy at all today, and my back feels fine. I've been resting the entire time I've been home. He's kicking away, all day long, and soon enough I'll have video of him moving for you guys. Noah watching him move some limb across my belly today and his jaw dropped, and he goes, "Oh no mama, what happened?!" with such alarm on his face. I can't get enough of this kid. When I told him it was just Asher moving, he got a super stern look on his face, pointed his finger at my belly and said "Be nice to mama!" He's so protective of me haha. I did explain to him that he wasn't being mean, he was just stretching, and Noah deemed it an acceptable explanation and went on his merry way.
I love, love, love being a mama!

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