Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Belly dancing in labor - revisited

It's been raining here all day (again). Wasn't this supposed to happen in April, not June? Mother Nature, you've got your months mixed up! We've been bored all day, watching TV, watching the rain, snuggling, dancing, everything.
I also found a couple of videos on Youtube about prenatal belly dancing. We did a lot of that today! There are some moves you can do that sort of massage the baby in utero, Ash seemed to like it. It helped relieve pressure in my back and made everything loose and relaxed, it was really, really nice. 
I still fully intend to use belly dancing moves during labor to help relieve pain/pressure from contractions. If it works this well before I'm in labor, I can only imagine how nice it will feel when I am in labor! 
My skirt feels really, really neat when I'm belly dancing, haha. It just sways with me and feels all whooshy and stuff. God, I'm such a little kid when it comes to skirts. I love to dance and spin in them and feel them move and twirl. It's pretty awesome. If you wear skirts, I know you understand.
I also found some nifty new prenatal yoga videos I want to try out tonight. A lot of standard poses, which I'm okay with because that's what I usually do, but there's some new stuff mixed in and I'm excited to try it. 
I'm not quite sure what feels better right now, prenatal yoga or prenatal belly dance! But since I've been dancing my way around the house all day long, I can't wait to get my stretchy on later tonight when I get to do my yoga. I think the easiest way to make me happy is to do yoga with me or show me some new poses to try out. It just makes you feel so great! Centered, grounded, and it's nice to be a bit more flexible than I normally am. I can actually almost do a split now - and I couldn't pre-pregnancy! In fact, I haven't been able to do a split since I was maybe eight years old and enrolled in gymnastics.
It's kind of funny though, I'm so flexible now that -- will walk into a room where I'm watching TV and find me in the weirdest, most uncomfortable looking positions, but they feel really nice and comfy! Take for instance, yesterday I was watching the Food Network and the sun was in my eyes... solution? Prop my leg up halfway behind my head so my knee would block the sun from my eyes. Or the fact that I now find myself sitting in butterfly pose nearly every time I sit on the ground. It's just all really natural to me at this point, and my back feels ten times better than before I started doing yoga again.

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