Friday, May 31, 2013

And we're officially 15 weeks!

I’m finally starting to feel a little bit better. And a lotta bit bigger. I feel pretty huge. Ah, well. I haven’t gained back to my pre pregnancy weight yet, though. I just have lots of belly to go around! We’re thinking of scheduling the anatomy scan at the end of next week, only because it puts me closer to 17 weeks and I’d like to be as far into the pregnancy as possible when I find out. I’ll be losing my Aetna through CVS soon though because the 26th was my last day there, so I want to get the scan before I no longer have insurance. Fingers crossed for a girl after all Le Fetus has put me through so far!
I’m so craving mashed potatoes… and I have been since before I knew I was pregnant. One of my best friends made me homemade mashed potatoes with homemade butter today, and oh my god they are the best thing ever! I was eating them all day at work :3 Things are going good, finally. I’m very thankful. :)

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