Friday, May 31, 2013

Sixteen Weeks!

I’m slowly but surely becoming less nauseous. I can even take my Sea Bands off during the day now, I just need them at night when the nausea is worse. Noah wanted to take a picture with the baby and his new big boy undies and this is what we ended up with :) He’s such a cutie pie. I can definitely feel the baby moving now, and usually I can feel it better when I lay on my back. This is what makes it all so real! Noah will tell you he has a baby too, but it’s different than mommy’s because there are two and it’s a boy and a girl. He named them both Rella. He names everything after Cinderella because it’s his favorite movie but he can’t pronounce it, so all his dolls are named Rella haha. He tries to feed the baby through my belly and he kisses it and hugs it and tells it “love you!” a million times a day. He loves the baby already! I’m still worried about him being jealous of the baby though, or feeling not loved because he won’t have my 100% focus. :( I’m hoping we get through without too many bumps along the way.

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