Friday, May 31, 2013

Six Weeks

I have no pictures yet, nor do I have much of anything. I’m only six weeks and two days along right now, and things are still hush hush. No pregnancy announcement on Facebook, Twitter or any social networking site. This is password protected until I reach ten weeks and tell the world! Mwahaha. 
Anyway, we weren’t trying to have a baby. We wanted to TTC a little after Noah turned three and we were more settled, but I guess fate had a different plan for us. The last two weeks have been a battle, combating morning sickness and fatigue, loss of sleep, loss of appetite and caring for a rambunctious two year old. I imagine the next few weeks will go quite unchanged, but hopefully getting better as I enter my second trimester.
This pregnancy is quite different from Noah. I have headaches that could knock out an elephant, and I’m sick all day. I actually bought ginger gum, Sea Bands, peppermint Tummy Drops and Earth Mama Angel Baby Morning Wellness tea to help ease the morning sickness. I remember my pregnancy with Noah being far easier. I’m bloated and I’m moody and I’m craving everything under the sun. I can smell EVERYTHING. I can smell my customers at work… yeah, try keeping nausea at bay when you can smell the people who walk into my CVS. Ugh.
I’m due October 23rd. I have a good feeling about this one, because that’s my grandmother and little brother’s birthday. We’re all very excited. Noah loves to talk to, rub, kiss and read to my belly. Curtis is ecstatic about adding another munchkin to our family. He wants a boy, I want a girl but I’m perfectly content either way, as long as he or she is happy and healthy.
I think this essay of a blog entry is sufficient for the first post, so with that, good night and sleep well!

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