Friday, May 31, 2013

Well, I Feel Like Dying

I’m literally a day away from my second trimester… and the morning sickness is STILL killing me. I can’t function in the evening or even eat. I’m still constantly tired, as if I haven’t slept for two years. It’s rough, man. I can’t feel the baby yet, so that makes me a little sad too. But I expect nothing until about 16 weeks.
Anyway, I absolutely cannot wait until I start to feel better and have a bit of energy. Oh, and to look pregnant, rather than chubby. Haha! Noah talks to “his” baby every day, and has taken to telling people HE has a baby in HIS belly. He says it’s two babies, one boy and one girl. It’s pretty adorbz. He has his baby doll named Rella (he names all his dolls Rella because he can’t pronounce Cinderella and that’s his favorite movie). He rocks her, nurses her, tucks her into bed with him, and snuggles with her all the time. We can’t leave the house without her! It makes me wonder how he’ll be with the new baby :)

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