Friday, May 31, 2013

Mother's Day

This one is for every mama. The soon-to-be mamas, the TTC mamas, the loss mamas, the mamas with babies too little to tell them happy mother’s day, the mamas who are far from their babies right now, the mamas with babies in the NICU, for single mamas or mamas of babies with special needs, every mama.
You are a strong and beautiful human being. You carried a baby inside you for months (nine of them if you carried to term!) and you delivered that baby. Whether vaginally or by C-section, natural, with pain meds or induced. You have created a life, maybe multiple lives! You’re raising a child, you’re building his morals and values. You’re teaching him right from wrong. More likely than not you’re giving it your full potential! You have in your hands the opportunity to mold your child’s mind and help create the person she will become. You are amazing for all of this. Don’t ever let anybody get you down. Today is YOUR day, and I hope you all had a great one :) Enjoy your little one’s smiles and snuggles today, and most of all, sit back and relax!

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