Friday, May 31, 2013


We’ve been toying with names for weeks and weeks now.
If this baby is a girl, her first name is set: Aftyn. 
Her middle name has been more of a challenge. We both want Jane in her name, for my mom and my grandma. But I really like how Aftyn Skye looks/sounds. He’s also set on a daughter having two middle names because Noah does (Noah Andrew Anthony). 
For a boy, we’ve been playing with Gage, Silas, Ari and I have been trying like hell to get him to jump on board with Finn. I really like Silas Zachary, though. Ah, well, we’ll see! We have nearly two months before we find out the gender anyway.
And as far as that’s concerned - I think it’s a girl. Noah was such an easy pregnancy, no issues. Barely any morning sickness, no breakouts, no ridiculous mood swings (okay, okay… I cried over the lack of powdered donuts pretty often. But shh!). I wasn’t crazy bloated with him and I didn’t have ten thousand food aversions. I just couldn’t stand the sight, smell or taste of Ramen noodles. So I’m willing to put money on Le Fetus being a girl. :b

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