Monday, August 19, 2013

30 weeks!

And here's 30 weeks! My apologies for being so late (I owe you a new post on Wednesday and here it is, nearly 11pm on Monday night!) but we've had a super busy week. The baby shower, prepping for the shower, the end of summer party, organizing everything when we got home. Ah. It's nice to relax. I can't wait to sleep!
Anyway, we're in the last stretch! Only ten (well closer to nine now) weeks left to go! I can't believe we're 3/4 of the way down, it's gone so fast. I've had such a long week, though, that I feel like I've been thirty weeks along for a year. This week the lanugo that has covered his body for so long will begin to fall off, though it's very likely that at least some of it will remain after I give birth. I might have a hairy baby like Bugman was! He's still getting cuter and fatter, which is making his skin start to smooth out and plump up a bit. Unfortunately I'm still a few pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight but I'm almost caught up! He's about the size of a cucumber, which translates to roughly 15.2in to 16.7in long and weighs roughly 2.5-3.8 lbs. He's also now strong enough to grasp a finger!
A couple days ago my belly randomly broke out in a rash, but only my belly. Thinking it was probably heat rash, I lifted my shirt off of it to let it cool down, but after a few hours we noticed it getting worse - and itchy. It's little red, itchy bumps, all over my belly. I put some Benedryl anti-itch cream on it and it helped with the itching but didn't make the rash go away. We ruled out food allergies, detergents, soaps, etc. I haven't really changed my diet and definitely hadn't had anything new or that I was allergic to. We haven't switched detergent (though I'm going back to my free & clear regardless) and I use organic soaps/shampoos. I eventually decided to get in touch with my midwife to be on the safe side because this never happened when I was pregnant with Noah, and after describing it to her and ruling out an allergic reaction, she said it's probably PUPPS and if I get on probiotics (which I need to do anyway) and drink lemon water it might go away before my pregnancy is over. It's not dangerous to me or the baby, just itchy, kind of ugly, and annoying.
Don't Google the PUPPS rash. Those are all extreme cases that I hope I don't get to - mine is still very mild.
We've also decided to change the baby's name, as it's become very trendy in the last few months. Boo. I liked that name! For now we're calling him Sparrow, but we're keeping his real, official name top secret until the day he's born. We're cookin' up some great name ideas, though! Even Bug won't know his name (besides the nickname Sparrow) because he's only two and he doesn't know how to keep a secret - we can't keep it a secret if he tells everyone! If you know any toddlers you know how easy it is to get them to blab. "Want a lollipop? Okay, but first tell me the baby's name!" Easy as pie.
Also, I got my hair trimmed and dyed! I'm not loving the blonde but I didn't want to overdo it in one day. In the next couple weeks it'll be red, but still brown/black on the bottom. :)

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