Sunday, August 25, 2013

Oh my gosh!

It's Sunday and I forgot to post my 31 week blog... from Wednesday! We've had an eventful week, I'm sorry!
Anyway, as of this week, we can expect Sparrow to put on about 1/2 a pound a week up until 38 weeks along. His immune system is getting stronger, though he'll still get most of his immunity through my breastmilk until he weans, whenever that may be. He's about the size of a pineapple this week (and for the record, mamas further along than me - pineapple won't put you into labor if your body isn't ready - so eat up!). That translates to about 3lbs and 17 inches long. Holy crap, already?! And to think, Bug was 7lbs6.2oz and 21.5in long at birth... Sparrow's 4.5in and a little more than 4lbs away from that right now! All five senses are working now, and his skin is still smoothing out. It's now pinkish and the color won't change much from now until birth. He can hear noises from the outside clearly now and he can see differences in lighting, he can taste and would be able to smell if there were anything to smell! I'm technically 8 months pregnant with about 58 days left until our due date. 
His kicks/stretches are really starting to hurt now, because I'm tiny and he's really starting to run out of room. His favorite position seems to be a foot in my spine and a head digging into my hip bones - yeah, that one's tons of fun! The heartburn is still awful, the morning sickness (I think I told you made its return) is still super annoying at night. Tums are my best friend. I'm still irritable and moody and I've reached my "Is it over yet?" stage a lot sooner this time around than with Noah. Hurry up, October! Or late November, depending on when Sparrow decides he wants to come. I'm guessing he'll be nice and cozy in there and make a late arrival like his big brother did, but I could be wrong!
My belly is just getting itchier and itchier as it grows... and grows... and grows. And I've noticed when I'm pregnant, I want to be so much more in tune with my body. I get caught up in day-to-day things and then when I'm growing a little life, it makes me sit back and realize and get in tune with myself. I'm so much more spiritual when I'm pregnant. And we've been learning about more Pagan ceremonies now that Bug is old enough to sort of understand why we practice two of each holiday - Samhain and Halloween, Yule and Christmas, and so on and so forth. He's still super interested in Luna (the moon) and the effects she has on the tides and on life in general. He's my little flower child. He's been saving worms from the hot sun all day and putting them in the garden so they're nice and cool and "can eat some dirt". Such a cutie.
He's also been telling everyone about his brother Sparrow, because he doesn't know Sparrow's actual name. Only -- and I know what that is, and no one else, not one soul will know until Sparrow's birth day.
Oh, to keep a secret like this. It makes me giddy. Is that weird? I feel like a little kid, bursting with excitement. I'm so in love with the name we've chosen and I really can't wait to tell everyone else!

In other news, I have a few potential clients! We're also visiting my dad again in NY and Bug and I are going to my best friend's baby shower this weekend. It's super exciting! How neat is it to be pregnant with your best friend? And we're due only a month apart! Life is good. 

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