Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I'm improving birth because...

Have you heard of the Improving Birth rallies? Check out the site here!
America needs a birth revolution!
On September 2nd, 2013, thousands of men, and women, and even children will gather for an international rally to improve the quality of birth. Before you get the wrong impression, it's not about unmedicated birth or birth with pain meds, it's not about whether you're birthing in a hospital, birthing center, your home, someone else's home, or even in the Daintree Rainforest (but there's a really cool video of that here).
It's about the quality of childbirth. It's about your birth being all that it's supposed to be - life changing, beautiful, memorable, incredible. It's about being respected by your doctor, by your nurse, your midwife, your doula, your whoever. It's about being listened to. It's about being fully informed without having to push your doctors, about them informing you - with correct and full information. It's about your choices and beliefs and your decisions being respected. It's about being told of alternatives, of benefits and risks to every decision. It's about not being bullied into a decision you are not comfortable with. It's about making birth safer and happier. It's about being treated with dignity, with kindness, with understanding, with compassion!
We can do better!
Our doctors and OBs push for unnecessary inductions and unnecessary Cesareans to make their jobs easier, to plan things out more accordingly for themselves. They are not keeping you or your baby's well-being in mind when doing so. Induction or Cesarean without a medical reason is unnecessary and not beneficial to you or your baby! The package inserts on Pitocin clearly state that the drug is not to be used without medical need, and yet it is, every day, leading to further unnecessary interventions and a less than pleasant birth experience for the mother. To top it off, oftentimes the mother isn't notified of the risk, nor is she told that the drug isn't to be used without medical need. Much less often does her caregiver explain to her, in a way that she understands, each individual risk associated with the decision. It's cut and dry. "If baby isn't here by 39 weeks we can go ahead and perform an induction. When would you like to schedule?"
Do you know how many women don't even know they can refuse that?
It's time for a change. It's time to bring awareness to the problem so that a solution may be found!

I'm improving birth because:
-My future daughters deserve better
-I'm tired of being asked if I've scheduled my induction "yet"
-We all deserve better!
-Informed consent is a human RIGHT
-We should not have to fight for complete and correct information
-We should not be routinely misinformed
-We should be aware of potential risks!
-Every woman deserves to birth where she's comfortable
-Every woman deserves to be allowed to attempt a VBAC
-Every woman deserves to be able to birth in whatever position she chooses
-Every woman deserves to be listened to
-Every woman deserves to be respected
-Every woman deserves her birth, her way!

Why are you improving birth?

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