Friday, August 30, 2013

32 weeks

Forgive me for looking like butt.
And also for updating late, every week, for the last month or so. I'm just super busy lately!
Anyway, I'm 32 weeks as of Wednesday. I can't believe I'm only eight weeks away! It feels so close, but so far at the same time. These last couple of weeks are going to drag by, I'm sure. 
This week Sparrow has developed a sensitivity to temperature - so if I put something really hot or really cold on my belly, he'll feel the difference and probably spaz out a little bit. I guess that's one way to get him moving if he has a lazy day and I need to do kick counts!
Let me interrupt myself to say I have a horrible back spasm the last few days and it absolutely sucks. 
Right now Sparrow has blue eyes, which can (and probably will) change after birth - or even possibly between now and birth. I have green eyes and -- has brown eyes, so I think his genes will probably overpower mine and we'll have a little brown-eyed baby. Noah has blue eyes like his biological father, but a slightly different shade. His are steely, icy blue - but they don't look as harsh as they sound on such a cute little baby face. Even more good news? At 32 weeks, 90% of babies survive. If for some reason he was born early at this point, he'd almost certainly make it! But no signs of labor yet, and hopefully none until 40 weeks. I want a fully baked bubba!
All of my pregnancy tickers seem to think he's head down and preparing to engage soon, but I can tell you it doesn't seem like those are his plans just yet. He's still doing tons of flips and rolls, and his favorite position (besides foot-in-ribs which seems to be the position of the night) is sideways with feet pressing into one hip and a little baby noggin pressing into the other. Can you say painful?
He's about 16.7 inches long and weighs about 3.6lbs, on average, and is about the size of a squash. Coincidentally, squash is both Noah's new favorite food and new favorite toy... the other day he spent a good forty minutes playing with a squash. He's my little weirdo, alright! Definitely his mama's child.
I'm running out of breath more easily and running to the bathroom more often, the heartburn is getting significantly worse, I can't get comfortable at night to save my life, the back spasms, migraines and atypical migraines are more frequent - but it's all worth it because our newest bubs will be here soon! I can't wait and neither can Bug.
It's off to bed for me, though, I have my best friend's baby shower in the morning!
Peace and love ☮

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